Holistic Dental Care


Lakshmi GoldenWelcome to the Holistic Dental Store. My name is Lakshmi Golden. Since being young I have felt a deep connection with nature and the natural world. The Holistic Dental store seeks to bring this deep connection with nature into healthy life affirming dental products that are natural, powerful and effective. The products smell and feel good. They bring a sense of connectedness, balance, and well-being to your body.

Not only do I test each product I sell on this store for quality, I only sell products that I keep at home in my family's dental health supplies. In addition to my personal testing, all of the products here are tested and approved by the author of "Cure Tooth Decay," Ramiel Nagel. I also sell Green Pasture's Blue Ice Royal Blend, at Codliveroilshop.com

My Line of Holistic Dental Care Products

Herbal Tooth Powder Holistic Dental's Herbal tooth and gum powder is made with organic and wildcrafted herbs. This toothpaste replacement only contains natural ingredients and will leave your mouth feeling fresh.
Gum Cleaning Brush Holistic Dental's gum cleaning brushes have rounded bristles and are made with a special type of nylon that helps suck up the plaque at the gum line. These brushes were designed by Dr. Phillips who invented the Phillips blotting technique.
Herbal Mouth Wash
Holistic Dental's natural herbal mouthwash is made with organic and wildcraft herbs. Most herb based mouthwashes are made with cheap essential oils mixed with water. Holistic Dental's herbal mouthwash is a highly concentrated herbal tincture. This gives our mouth wash a strong healing effect.
Herbal Vitamin C
You know that vitamin C is important for your tooth and gum health. That is why Holistic Dental created an organicl vitamin C that only contains organic herbs. There are no fillers or synthetic substances whatsoever.