Gum Cleaning Brushes and Technique Video (4-Pack of Brushes)

Blotting Brush 4-Pack

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2 Large and 2 Small Brushes - $12.97
4 Large Brushes - $12.97
4 Small Brushes - $12.97

How Many Packs of Brushes?

(also very similar blotting brushes)
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These brushes contain special bristles that are not found in normal toothbrushes. The bristles are especially textured to enhance their capillary action to suck up dental plaque that is associated with gum disease. The brushes also have rounded and polished bristle tips so that they are extra gentle on your gums. The brushes come in assorted colors.

They can also be used for regular tooth brushing or as a travel tooth brush because they have a container to protect the brush bristles. The brushes last as long as a normal tooth brush. But you will find that over time the bristles get dirty with food debris and dead skin cells. The optimal replacement time for brushes is every 2-4 weeks because afterwards the brushes are too dirty. You can try washing them with soap to extend the life of the brushes.

Why Two Brush Sizes?

The large brushes are for tapping along the gums towards the outside of your mouth.

The small brushes are to tap behind the teeth and clean the gums along the teeth inside your mouth. The small brushes are also good for children and people with smaller mouths.

Gum Cleaning Technique Video

Gum Cleaning Video Note: Many people still benefit from regular tooth brushing with herbal tooth powder. Provided that the brushing is not excessively damaging the gums. If you do brush, make sure to do your gum cleaning AFTER brushing and not before.

Gum Cleaning Technique to Stop Gum Disease

A dental brush for eliminating plaque and food particles that accumulate between gum and tooth. Excellent tool designed to improve teeth and gums plus eliminate bacterial build up.

This is a 2-6 month supply, the brushes are to be replaced every 2-4 weeks. You will notice after a while the bristles become softer and build up with debris so you will want to replace them. Dr. Phillips recommended to clean your gums with gum cleaning brushes (functions nearly the same as blotting brushes) 2-3 days per day for best results.

Blotting Brush 4-Pack

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Price: $12.97
Product: 2 large brushes, 2 small brushes
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The large brushes are for general gum cleaning. The small brushes are for cleaning behind the teeth or for children. The brushes come in assorted colors.

Note: These brushes can also be used as your regular tooth brush. Just make sure not to use toothpaste with them, or they may get clogged with toothpaste toxins. Instead of tooth paste, I recommend herbal tooth powder.

Caution: Dr. Phillips did not recommend this technique for gum pockets more than 4 millimeters. This is not meant as a treatment for severe gum disease.

Toxins in the Brushes? The manufacturer of the brushes says that they are nickel, lead and BPA free.