Organic Mild / Children's Tooth Powder

Mild / Child Tooth Powder with Organic Ingredients

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Flavor: Gentle Spearmint Flavor
Note: Your two ounce by volume jar of toothpowder contains at least a 4 month supply of tooth powder for one person.

Mainstream thinking does not acknowledge that products put in your child's mouth gets absorbed by their body and bloodstream. That is why we are pleased to announced a mild tooth powder specifically designed for children and pregnant women. Our ingredients are organic and wildcrafted herbs, and nothing else. No glycerin, no fluoride, no sodium laurel sulfate and no fillers or unlabled ingredients. With our tooth powder there are no ingredients that take a chemist lab book to figure out what it is. Our mild / child tooth powder has a gentle and refreshing mint flavor. My children personally helped me formulate the tooth powder and we guarantee your child will love it, or you can return the product for a full refund. Mild / Child tooth powder from Holistic Dental is a tooth cleaner you can trust to put in your child's mouth.

100% Natural Full Strength Ingredients: Wildcrafted White Oak bark, Organic Spearmint leaf, Organic Licorice root, Organic Slippery Elm bark, wildcrafted Myrrh Gum, organic Chamomile

Our Organic And Wildcrafted Mild Tooth Powder Ingredients and Their Purpose

Understanding Organic Tooth Powder Certification

Our tooth powder is not certified organic, but it is not because there are hidden ingredients. Organic certification requires that 95% or more of the ingredients to be organic. Wildcrafted ingredients in our opinion are the same or better than organic quality, however they cannot be certified organic. As a result, our product does not meet the guidelines to be called Organic on the label. What is important to know is there are no hidden ingredients or fillers. The ingredients listed above, are the only ingredients that are in each fresh bottle of gentle and natural tooth powder.

Directions: Apply a pea size amount or less to the tooth brush. One easy way to use it is to wet the tooth brush and then dip it into the powder.

Note: If the toothpowder discolors your tooth brush, then you can clean your tooth brush with hot water or some natural soap and that usually makes it white again. (Holistic Dental Toothpowder Does Not Stain Teeth)

Jar Size: 2 ounces
Tooth Powder by Weight: 1 ounce

Tooth Powder vs. Tooth Paste

Tooth powders contain herbs which apply nutrients and natural medicines to your teeth and gums. Tooth powder is very slightly abrasive and much less abrasive than most tooth pastes or baking soda.

Tooth paste is usually toxic with cheap fillers and ingredients. Many ingredients might be unlisted or mislabeled as cosmetic products do not require the same standards of food.