Natural Mouth Wash Concentrate Made With Organic and Wildcrafted Herbs

Herbal Mouthwash Concentrate

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Flavor: Refreshing Herbal Mint
Note: This refreshing herbal mouthwash super concentrate is mixed with water before use and is equal to at least two 16 ounce bottles of herbal mouthwash.
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This mouthwash concentrate is good for at least 35 refreshing herbal mouth rinses. Try the highest quality non-toxic and natural herbal mouth wash on the market place today. One bottle of Holistic Dental's Herbal Mouthwash Concentrate is equivalent to at least two 16 ounce bottles of herbal mouthwash. You will notice your breath feeling refreshed and your teeth and gums being nourished by our herbal formula.

Herbal Mouthwash Product Description and Use

Natural Herbal Ingredients: Wildcrafted White Oak bark, Organic Horsetail herb, Organic Plantain leaf, Aloe vera, Organic Echinacea angustifolia root, Myrrh gum, Organic Lobelia herb & seed, Organic Peppermint leaf, Wildcrafted Goldenseal root, Clove essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil. Stored in 45% Alcohol and Distilled water.

Directions: Mix 24-36 drops with 2/3 fluid ounce of water or 4 teaspoonfuls in a cup. Rinse for at least 30 seconds morning and night. Do not swallow

Notes: This is a concentrate, it gets diluted in water first before using.

Conditions: Use as a general mouthwash to fight bad breath. It can also help canker sores, mouth and gum sores, and possibly reduce mouth inflammations.